Fear, solving puzzles, exploring, fighting and resource management are the keys to getting out alive from SubmersedAre you ready to try it?

Game sheet:

Title: Submersed™
Genre: Survival horror / Exploration
Platform: PlayStation®4 / PC / MAC
PEGI: 18 (provisional)
Number of players: 1 (offline)
Languages: 2 (voices, EN-SP)
Subtitles: 6 (texts, EN-SP-FR-IT-AL-PR)


Jack Ballard, paramedic of the Miami maritime rescue service, recently incorporated to work after the death of his wife, arrives, following a mayday call, at a strange offshore facility, where he will have to use all his skills to get out alive.

  • Solve puzzles and logic challenges to continue the adventure
  • Manage your limited resources
  • Fight again the most dangerous marine predators.
  • Explore terrifing places.
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